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I recently got new subscriptions to W, Vanity Fair, Wired, and Elle. I had originally planned on ordering them either by signing up through those annoying little subscriptions cards tucked in every magazine or through Amazon.

That is, until I did a little research and saw that people were getting yearly subscriptions for $3-8 through magazine discount sites instead of the traditional $15+ range. My biggest hesitation with those sites were: what if I didn’t get my subscription or the merchants were scammers? How do you know which ones are credible, which ones are scams, and which will give you half decent customer service? I decided to avoid the hassle, and ended up ordering Elle from Amazon and began the long wait for the first issue to arrive (I ordered in November, and the projected date was for April. Wow.)

In the meantime, someone on a forum recommended a seller on eBay with great feedback and a solid refund policy. I canceled my Amazon order and bought W, Vanity Fair, and Elle from her. She threw in Wired as a bonus. Each yearly subscription was less then $5 (including shipping), and they all came pretty quickly. If you want a magazine subscription, eBay definitely has the lowest prices and you’ll get some protection through eBay/PayPal if anything goes wrong.

(Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and even if you have the perfect gift all picked out, you can always pick up something extra for your mom, like a subscription to Oprah or Real Simple or whatever she is interested in)


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