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cookie.jpg While I’m an expert on finding emergency chocolate, I could use some help finding really good chocolate chip cookies that deliver (great taste….and to my house). So, I did a little online searching and have come up with some ideas but I’m really counting on our readers to help me out here. According to Madelyn of Travel Lady, Doubletree hotels have the best chocolate chip cookies and you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy them. I went over to the Doubletree site and sure enough you can order a tin of their cookies–although you can’t order oline, you have to call 1-800-916-0097.

Of course, there’s always Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Beasley but I’m looking for the ultimate cookie, one that has oodles of unctuous semisweet chips and just a little crunchy dough to hold it all together. One that looked promising in the photo is Country Cupboard that promises fancy Callebaut chocolate and butter as their main ingredients.

But I’m reluctant to spend my hard earned money (and harder to lose calories) on anything but the best tasting, meltingest, crunchiest, chocolatiest chocolate chip cookies. And once I find a source, I promise to share the news with my fellow chocoholics (you know who you are). So, let me know your faves. Thanks.


p.s. Checking the blogosphere, all you technoscenti talk about chocolate chip cookies and even bake them–but no insider retail sources. I’m not looking for recipes, I want homebaked nirvana without the kitchen cleanup.

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