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Yes! Radioblogclub.com adds another simple way to sample, recommend, and discover music (thank you , Jill, for pointing it out to me). Their site allows you to search for songs and add to a playlist that you can enjoy online or embed in a blog. I am enthusiastically in favor of any site that lets good music spread like wildfire. They give you tips to customize your blog player on their blog. Blog blog blog blog.

I was going to include the player in this blog but some lawyers tackled me and threatened physical harm to my wife and kids should I ever have a wife and kids. Thanks, RIAA, for ruining everything.

Here’s what it would look like (click the image for a link to a playlist that I made):


  • Soulive is a jam-funk trio with a virtuosic keyboardist who plays basslines with his left hand. I was pleasantly surprised to find them tearing it up at the Google Dance in Mountain View a couple weeks ago.
  • Derek Trucks is one of the greatest slide guitar players on the planet right now. He’s only 25.
  • Charlie Hunter plays an 8-string jazz guitar, covering bass lines and guitar lines simultaneously.
  • Don Ross plays solo acoustic guitar that sounds like 3 guitarists at once.
  • Coco Montoya is a great blues player with an outstanding live show.
  • The Allman Bros… if you don’t know the Allmans, there’s nothing I can do for you. Enjoy this Dickey Betts great.


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