Musicmatch: Dead To Me


I need a new music service. I am not planning on renewing my Musicmatch subscription once the year is up. The player is pretty slick looking and I like being able to listen to music at work, but I find it a bit confusing to use, slow (!!!), and the music selection for On Demand feels really limited at times. Plus, I still can’t figure out how to alphabetize my playlist. Where is it? I swear I’m not dumb.

I also don’t understand why songs are displayed as being available for On Demand subscribers, but will only play for those who upgrade to Plus. If I pay for OnDemand and am browsing in the OnDemand section, and a song appears to be available for me, it shouldn’t add it, pretend like it’s going to play, and then give me the “upgrade to plus now!” message. Not cool. I miss Napster. I would without hesitation pay a subscription fee for the ability to browse and download (or even just listen to) songs from random people’s libraries. I like how iTunes lets you listen to other people’s libraries, but they have to be on the same network as you–which for me is no one but myself. Luckily I’ve found that a lot of artists put up popular/recent songs on MySpace for free. For example:

Free, legal, and no software to download. Other than that, does anyone have a favorite music-download/streaming service?


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