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A very clever new site,, is working to fill a huge gap in online shopping–the freakin’ 3rd dimension.

Not everything you buy online is like shoes: you’ve got sizes and you don’t need to see them on your feet to make sure they’ll fit properly. (Although, you may need to see if they’ll match your underwear. In that case, problem almost solved.)

But, what if you need something that has no standardized sizing scheme and size still matters? (I heard that and it wasn’t very funny.) For example, you need to buy a big box to hold your guitar effects pre-chained together so you don’t spend 45 minutes before a gig plugging in DC wires while your drummer spits and spills beer all over your head. We all go through it, but it’s an electrical hazard. The pedal board can put an end to our troubles.

So how will I know whether the pedal board I want could fit all my sonic gadgets? I could just do the arithmetic myself, but then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. So let’s walk through an application of this happy little website…

I know I have a Digitech Whammy IV. It’s the thing that weird rock guitarists like The Edge, Tom Morello, and Trey Anastacio use to make weird pitch bending sounds. I just go to the Digitech website, find the manual, get the dimensions (2.5″x6.3″x8″), then enter them into the Sizeasy website. Suddenly, a block the size of the pedal shows up.

Then I can go to the merchant page for the pedal that I want. Easily grab the dimensions from there, and enter them, too. Voila! There’s an easy illustration available to help me decide if the pedalboard is going to hack it.

Now if only they could do this for oddly shaped items like my suitcase and Curious George, or my roommate’s head and one of these.

That wasn’t a shameless plug. I don’t expect you to buy a new toilet because I linked you to it.

(Thank you LifeHacker.)


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