Carnival of Shopping #2


horse.jpgWelcome to the second edition of the Carnival of Shopping! Feast your eyes on our wonderful menagerie of shopping tips, shopping digs, shopping stories, shopping gems, shopping horrors, shopping reviews—did I mention we are about shopping?!

We received a ton of great posts from all you lovely, talented, witty, hiiiiilarious bloggers—what can I say, I can only bribe you with compliments—and we are honored that you have graced our humble carnival with your wonderful prose, which really if you ask me, should be nominated for a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, or some other literary accolade (that line should get us well through the next five editions).

First on the list is Radical Hop with a post that teaches you how to leverage the act of flinching the next time you are trying to haggle your way to an extra $5 discount on that used copy of He’s Just Not That Into You because having the library due date label still pasted inside of the book does not really constitute “Brand New” despite what the seller says.

When you’ve got the art of haggling down, make sure to visit these bargain hunting sites recommended by Joe at Help With Everything.

Suite 101 offers up a comprehensive review of the new Blackberry Pearl T-Mobile if you’re in the market for a new cell phone.

Just in time for All Hallows Eve is the American Inventor Spot, with doggy costumes that would make any dog lover proud and $10,000 fake eyelashes for those with money to burn.

Matt over at Nerddog reviews the Merkur Classic HD Safety Razor for those looking for a close, clean shave. Ladies, this is a post that may come in handy for those times when you have misplaced your Venus Vibrance shaver and have to “borrow” your significant other’s razor, not that I’m condoning such behavior or anything ::wink wink::.

The Budget Fashionista shows us that less may definitely be more with the Payless Fall 2006 collection.

Omiru: Style For All profiles upcoming designer Tamara Pogosian and her take on Spring 2007 trends.

Madeleine at MadKane talks about her comical misadventures as she goes on a panty hunt with her seventy-something mother.

Finally, we have a fashion find from Tra La La that will definitely have heads turning. Paris Hilton, eat your heart out!

There you have it folks, our second edition. A big wet one goes out to all the contributors. The next edition of the Carnival of Shopping will be on Wednesday, November 1st, and you can submit your shopping-related posts at or by emailing us at by Tuesday, October 31 at noon PST.


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  1. Jill Says:

    Thanks Peter! The carnival couldn’t have happened without great posts from contributors such as yourself. Stay tuned for the next Carnival of Shopping, and be sure to submit your entries!

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