Go ahead and write on the walls


fastenough.jpgAll you word lovers can thank me later but right now I have to tell you about a company whose sole intent is to encourage you to write on your walls (and other surfaces). Wonderful Graffiti sells great words on very thin, clear vinyl that you simply peel and stick. You can use their ideas, or send them your own favorite quotes. For those for whom words ARE art, this is a treasury of great graphic ideas.

They have wall words, border lines, refrigerator thoughts, chalkboard choices (daily menus anyone?) as well as a sampling of small type designed for hand labeling your homemade gifts. This is a terrific idea for creating and packaging your own potpourri, preserves and potions for holiday gifts with a very personalized touch.

Of course, you could write directly on your walls yourself, but if you have a lousy handwriting or can’t letter neatly, it won’t look any better blown up to wall size. Or you could coat one wall with chalkboard paint (blatant plug) and let the kids loose on a wall to write or draw (okay, you can scribble there, too, if you must) and wash off when you’re done.

If your walls could speak, what would they say?


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