I have been charmed!


charmbracelet.jpgI have been recently looking for a charm bracelet. I felt that there was no better way to commemorate my life’s events and travels. After I found a great deal on a gold charm bracelet on eBay, I went off in my search for the perfect charm to commemorate my May 2004 trip to Glasgow, Scotland.

What I first learned is that it will be very likely that I will be spending more on one charm than I did on my bracelet. Fortunately, there is no shortage of charms out there. There are dozens of websites that specialize in them, so there are plenty to choose from. There are two types of charm bracelets that I have seen so far; the traditional link bracelet and the more contemporary Italian charm bracelet. They also come in different metals; 10-14k white and yellow gold, as well as sterling silver. If you are on a budget, the sterling silver choice is your best option, as you can get a very pretty charm for around $20.

I found a lovely 14K gold Bagpiper charm for $117 on a website called Charm’n Jewelry. I really like this site because they have the best selection of charms that I have seen online so far, and they seem to have the best prices as well. Now that I know that my choice metal is going to be expensive, I’ll have to save up to purchase charms to commemorate my upcoming Hawaii trip in December, and my Dublin, Ireland and Berlin, Germany trips next year.

Why do I have to have such expensive taste?


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