Carnival of Shopping #14


horse.jpgWe asked, and you gave. This edition of the Carnival of Shopping is chalked full of tips, deals, and other useful tidbits to whet your shopping appetite.

So, without further ado, we begin with a simple yet ingenuous idea from nickel on how to organize those pesky receipts. Monthly envelopes! Who would’ve thought? I suppose that is a much more effective method than stashing them under your mattress in hopes that the tooth fairy will find the heap of bills and pay it off for you.

Over at 2-privacy are some tips on staying safe while shopping online, which will probably come in real handy when you’ve read ProBargainHunter’s heads up on which price comparison site to use—ahem ahem Become—blatant plug.

For those of you, who got carried away charging everything in sight and have had your credit card privileges revoked, never fear! The Frugalist has come to the rescue with 10 alternatives to credit cards. And they said you couldn’t charge a diamond encrusted tiara, 103” plasma TV, and timeshare in the Bahamas. I scoff. Also at The Frugalist are some tips on how to avoid paying retail, which I’m sure you will need after accruing such a huge debt.

Are you a compulsive shopper or guilty of impulsive shopping? Sara at Debt Free Wannabe and Joe at Penny Pinching might have some insight to your problem.

So you’ve finally managed to purchase your dream home, but left nothing in your budget for a moving truck—good one. Thanks to Fire Finance, you can rent a Budget rental truck for 25% off!

Sometimes it’s not always about having the latest things, but more about taking care of and recycling what you have. Trisha at Omiru gives some great advice on how to keep your clothes looking new, and the team over at My New Shiny Shoes highlights the benefits of using tote bags instead of plastic to do your shopping.

To buy a GPS system or not to buy a GPS system, that is the question. John at mbhunter has the answer. Although if you often find yourself driving around for hours taking the “scenic route” until some kindly police officers take pity and give you a police escort, then the answer is yes.

Here at Pocket Change, it is rare that we cover men’s fashion. Luckily, we have contributors like Haute Concept–The Mens Wear Fashion and Style Blog to enlighten us about great designers like Allen Edmond who makes superior quality men’s shoes.

Everyone has been swindled once in their life, Reflections of a BizDrivenLife shares his wife’s story about shopping in Thailand.

It may not be Easter anymore, but eggs are always in season in my book. The Digerati Life shows us some of the world’s fanciest and most valuable eggs. Perhaps Mom would like some Faberge eggs?

Whew! Did I not tell you we had a great offering this week or what?! Thanks for sticking with us and getting this far. You’re a champ!

Till next time!


UPDATE: Thanks for your patience everyone. The gremlins have been contained, and the links should be working properly now.

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