Dual vanity sinks: The ultimate in convenience and luxury

you don't have to share the bathroom sink!

You don’t have to share the bathroom sink!

What could be better than waking up every morning next to your loved one? Getting up and getting ready to take on the day together! A sign of true intimacy is when you can roll out of bed, with no makeup or hair gel, and face your partner in all your glory. If you’ve reached that level of trust and comfort, you two may be ready for a dual vanity sink. Say goodbye to sharing a small, stuffy bathroom sink with your girlfriend’s over cluttered cosmetics drawer or your boyfriend’s messy pigsty!

Dual sinks give you the space to accommodate you and your partner’s bathroom necessities. If your apartment or home does not readily offer you a built-in sink option, you can purchase a free standing dual vanity sink unit to attach to your pre existing fixture.This way, you and your partner can have peace of mind when you both have to get ready in the morning (saving your relationship from cranky morning quibbles about where the blow dryer is or sharing precious mirror real estate).

In addition to saving relationships everywhere…

Families can also benefit from the addition of a dual vanity sink. I remember the days when I was a child sharing 2 bathrooms among a family of 8 (9 when my grandfather was still alive)! It was hell! We each had to schedule the time in which each of us would take a bath or shower in the evening. Getting up in the morning was no easy task, either. Even though we all had school at 8am, we had to stagger when we would wake up so we would all get a reasonable amount of time to wash our faces and brush our teeth. Sometimes, I would brush my teeth at the kitchen sink. Of course we all look back at it now and laugh, but if your family suffers from squabling siblings who refuse to share the bathroom–take a hint. Get a double bathroom sink!


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