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This past weekend I experienced a great loss, my hair blow dryer finally called it quits. As tragic as the event was, I could only be reminded that its death only meant I got to buy a new one!  I had never known that there was such a solano-1875-watts-blacklarge and complicated market for hair dryers. Did I want it high-powered? Ionic hair dryer? Travel hair dryer?  Not to mention price. I could get anything from $20 to $200. I never thought I would have to put a price on my hair care like that.  Here’s a brief overview for all of you out there currently facing a similar dilemma. If hairart-h3000you’re looking for the most powerful (and money is no object) consider the 2,000 watt Evolution Ionic Hair Dryer. Not only do you get 2,000 watts of power you also get the special “Ion” technology that helps combat frizz and make hair shiny. If you don’t need anything quite as complicated, Conair hair dryers have always been known be descent dryers at the right price. Consider the Conair Infiniti Series which also outputs ions for a smoother, frizz-free finish.  You might also want to get a hair dryer holder. If you’re all about the wattage consider Supersolano. They pack in the power quite nicely. Don’t forget about when you travel! These smaller hair dryers are travel friendly with its compact size and foldable handle. Good luck with finding the perfect hair blow dryer!


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