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As the regular season of TV shows ends and summer specials begins, there are those of you who want to watch episodes of your favorite show again on your TV.  If you don’t want to have to deal with the limited memory space of a Digital Video Recorder,  you should consider getting a digital tuner DVR DVD recorder.

A DVD Recorder, often known as a DVDR, is a device that records your favorite movies and TV shows from your television onto DVDs. (A DVD recorder for your computer is usually known as a DVD burner or DVD drive).  A DVD Recorder lets you make copies that are durable and easy to store, with clear and crisp digital copies.  Of course, you will need blank dvds to record things onto.

One problem is that burned DVDs need to be “finalized” before they can be played on other DVD players.   You used to have to do this on a computer, but newer DVDRs, like the Panasonic DVD Recorder, which works on DVD-R/-RW/-RAM/+R/+RW discs and has up-conversion with HDMI, do this for you so you can watch those DVDs anywhere anytime!

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