The Benefits of Wearing Cologne


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Fragrance is an important accessory to any man’s wardrobe. Even though people don’t normally talk about men’s fragrances, there are many benefits of wearing cologne- only when worn correctly. The correct way to apply cologne is to spray a mist in the air in front of you, then walk into it without clothes on. Cologne must be on bare skin in order for the true notes to combine with your natural scent, actually making a cologne all your own. Your scent should only be smelt by people who are within an arms length away from you in order to see the benefits.

Here are just a few benefits of wearing cologne:

  • Many men believe that the fragrance in a cologne can spur feelings within the opposite sex that will make the man more attractive or seem more approachable.
  • By spraying cologne on your skin, the cologne will warm up and release its scent when you need it most – much like deodorant
  • If you have a partner that likes a certain scent, wear a men’s cologne that incorporates that note when you are around them. You might find that your partner acts a little more friendly then usual.
  • Body fragrance was first created to mask body odor from infrequent bathing. Cologne can help you smell a little fresher when needed, but does not replace the necessity of actually being clean
  • If you wear a cologne enough, people that are frequently around you will find themselves thinking about you when someone else wears the same cologne.

For more tips on men’s fragrances, as well as women’s fragrances, check out the perfume tip center.\

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