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I don’t know about you, but I live in Sunnyvale. Can you guess why it’s named Sunnyvale? Because it gets quite sunny here. Many people rent apartments, and those apartments often don’t come with air conditioning. If you don’t want to suffer through punishing heat (assuming you have that kind of weather, wherever you are) then you should get an air conditioner. Now obviously, if you live in an apartment you can’t have a central air conditioner installed, digging up your floors and installing large devices in the ground outside.

Instead, you need a PTAC Air Conditioner, more commonly known as a Through the Wall Air Conditioner.  This is the kind of air conditioner you just wedge under your window.  Most PTACs have between 8,000 and 12,000 BTUs, not as powerful as a central air conditioners with 12,000 to 60,000 BTUs.  (BTUS represent units of refrigeration) But you don’t have to install them like you do with the larger central air conditioners.  In addition, if you only need to cool one room, for example your bedroom on hot summer nights, this is an affordable choice.

If you have an apartment with vertical windows, rather than horizontal windows, then it’s difficult to use a through the wall air conditioner (unless you fancy wedging your air conditioner in sideways).  You need a portable air conditioner. Although they aren’t very portable in the traditional sense (similar to a computer desk on wheels) The portable air conditioners vent their heat through an exaust hose, so you can stick the end of the hose out the window, stick a board on top of the hose, put duct tape on the whole thing and you’re read to start chilling! puts the deep freeze on high prices!

Written by Ruby Lancer

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