Body Spray vs. Perfume


body sprayThe difference between body spray and perfume is the amount of extracts or essential oils used. Body spray has the least amount of extracts with a 1 to 3 percent extract concentration, which is less than perfume which has about 15 to 40 percent extracts. Having less extracts means the fragrance will not last as long, is less expensive and is lighter in scent than a perfume.

Body spray, being less potent, will need to be refreshed every two to three hours, while perfume fragrance can last over five hours. Since body spray is less expensive than a perfume, you can actually afford to use it more and for alternative purposes also.

Here are some tips for alternative uses of your body spray:

  • For school age children who want to be introduced to fragrance slowly.
  • Spray on hair to mask food or smoky smells.
  • Add a light fragrance to your sheets.
  • Add fragrance to your luggage or workout clothes to help them smell fresh.
  • Spray on car seats and carpets for an instant air freshener.
  • Freshen upholstery and cloth furniture.

If you want to make your own body spray, you can use perfume samples, distilled water and a spray container. Just poor in the perfume sample into the spray container, then fill the sample vile twice with distilled water and poor into the spray container. For softer scents fill with more distilled water or for stronger scents, fill with less distilled water. This should keep for about 2 months.

Other common names for body spray can be; fragrance mist, body splash, after bath spray and Les eaux légères.

- Desiree

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  1. Says:

    Body spray’s are also good for people that may be sensitive to perfumes or around someone that is sensitive to perfumes. They tend to not give off as strong as an aroma.

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