Charming Outdoor Garden Fountains


italian-fountainWhen I listen to waterfalls or anything that relates to nature, it makes me feel very relaxed.  I’m sure most of you will agree with this statement the same way you will agree with the next one.  There is nothing more soothing/peaceful than having exquisite outdoor garden fountains for tranquility.  As you are reading this blog imagine yourself sitting outside  your patio or garden full of beautiful and pleasant aromas of  flowers, trees, and other green plants. Next to you there is a Ravenna Italian Fountain creating a pleasant sound. Are you still there? Are you feeling relaxed yet? Next, picture yourself  enjoying this panorama and feeling stress-free and with no worries. The purpose of this exercise is to have an idea or a feeling of the delightful things that  these charming outdoor garden fountains can bring  to you.

If you are thinking of bringing one of these enchanting outdoor garden fountains with you, here is a list of some beautiful ones you can select from.

  • One of my favorites ones is the Brushed Copper Cascade Solar Bird Bath Fountain because it’s perfect for a garden, patio, or a balcony.  It features five brushed copper bowls where the water gracefully cascades from basin to basin creating a pleasant sound. This fountain uses solar energy which means you will be environmentally friendly and saving some money on electricity! Also if you enjoy the sound of birds, with this fountain the birds will be happy to stop by for a bath.
  • If you have a pond on your garden, the Floating Spray Fountain will give an extravagant look to your garden. This fountain features LED fountain lights which change automatically for dynamic display at night time. The spectacular water show that this fountain features will captivate your guests!


  • If you enjoy the sounds of waterfalls like me, the Beckett Small Waterfall Fountain brings the atmosphere of a small waterfall to your garden. This fountain is made of a durable resin but has a detailed rock look. With this fountain you will sure feel relaxed!


  • Last but not least, the Bamboo Fountain with Frogs features two dried bamboo which let the water cascade down to a bowl. This fountain is so inviting that you and your guest will want to sit outside your garden to have a relaxing time.


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