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burberry brit mens cologneMen have such a wide variety of colognes to choose from that it might be a little overwhelming to know when to wear certain cologne. There are a two factors to consider when deciding when to wear the cologne that you have, and those two factors are the concentration and the notes of the fragrance.

Concentration: Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette are best worn indoors because of the smaller amounts of fragrant oils it contains. For the men’s colognes that come in Eau de Parfum contain so much fragrant oil that is it optimal to wear outdoors where the open air dilutes the scent making it less potent. If you were to wear an EDP indoors, the people around you will be very overwhelmed by the scent and might aggravate someone allergies.

Notes: When you want to wear cologne specific to a season, here are some tips. The men’s colognes found in the fragrance family of Fresh notes and Floral notes are best worn in the spring and summer because it features light citrus, floral and incense notes. The spicy, deep, and warm notes of Oriental and Woody fragrances are best worn in the autumn and winter. Then there are Aromatic Fougère colognes that do not fall into any one or two fragrance families that have a unique mix of many different notes.

Here is a break down of the most popular men’s colognes and how to choose when to wear them:

  • Ambra etro cologne spray is a classic woody oriental fragrance with sweet nutmeg, deep woods and dark greens. This fragrance is best worn during the cold days of autumn and winter. And it is strong enough to smell through coats and jackets.
  • Tommy Hilfiger cologne is tangy with citrus and fruit notes. The best time to wear this cologne is during the spring and summer. Since this is an Eau de Cologne the fragrance is light enough to wear indoors to work or school.
  • Ombre D’or Cologne by Brosseau is an EdP with notes of deep musk, sweet vanilla and fresh sandalwood. Since this is a higher concentration you will use this when you plan on being outdoors. The notes are sweet and warm so they are good for the colder seasons as well as nighttime special occasions.

To find more cologne and men’s frangrance tips, check out Become.com Tip Center.

- Desiree

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