An Elegant Free Standing Towel Rack for Your Designer Bathroom


free-standing-towel-rackThere was a time, not so long ago, when bathrooms used to receive very little attention compared to other rooms in most of our houses. They were built for functionality, rather than as a room of real importance. Now, the whole concept of bathroom has changed. Modern bathrooms are all about perfect design and comfort. Our bathroom has become our personal retreat where we pamper ourselves in the luxury of spa, bath or shower cubicle.

But before indulging ourselves in luxury, let’s give some serious thoughts to one of the basic items without which a bathroom is incomplete – a towel rack. We all need a place in our bathroom to keep our luxury towels. So, if you are remodeling your bathroom or are planning to buy a new towel rack, you may consider buying a free standing towel rack that has become an obvious choice for most modern bathrooms.

A free standing towel rack is really useful if you have a big family or if you want to create a focal point for transforming the look of your bathroom. With so many designer free standing towel racks, we are obviously spoilt for choices, but these can create confusion too! Here’s a brief review on one of the most gorgeous free standing towel racks I have ever seen:

If you prefer your towels and robes to be warm and dry and don’t mind spending some extra bucks, you may considerheated-towel-stand Heated Towel Stand. The sleek and elegant free standing towel is just appropriate for a cool and stylish bathroom. The rack has an attractive oval arch with horizontal straight rails in between to keep your towels and robes. It also has plastic feet, one at each corner so as not to damage your floor! Unlike other heated towel stands, the elegant stand does not consume oil or hot water to heat the racks. Instead, it uses very low electric power  (90 watts) to distribute safe and uniform level of heat throughout the rack without any leakage. Moreover, the heated towel stand also prevents the growth of mildew and mold in case there is extra dampness in your bathroom. For all the comfort and look, you can get the rack in chrome or satin nickel finish at $160-$186! I would suggest, it is a great value to your hard earned money.

So are you ready for a free standing towel rack? Remember the old saying – Your bathroom is your room too! And take care of your bathroom.

- Nina Ghosh Konar (guest blogger)

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