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messenger-bag-21It’s the time of the season when students start getting ready to return to school after having long vacations.  I remember those times when I was a college student. It was hard for me to get back and adjust to the whole college routine after enjoying a warm summer. But you shouldn’t feel the same way, instead lets start getting prepared by shopping for some new and trendy messenger bags since they are in style!

Messenger bags started as a form of transportation of mail and goods by different messengers back in history. These types of bags were used commonly by bicycle couriers, messengers on foot, and postal workers. Today these messenger bags have become a big phenomenon among the younger crowds of people. Thus, with time they have been redesigned to a trendy version. The original typical messenger bag can cost around $20 to $40. These bags have the similar function as backpacks. The only difference is that messenger bags can ensure more comfort when carrying heavy items and allowing easy access to the contents.

Here are some fun tips to learn on the use of messenger bags.

If you are the type of person who commutes to school on a bicycle, then definitely getting a messenger bag will make your ride to school more enjoyable and comfortable. Its stabilizing straps will help you prevent the bag from shifting while ridding your bike. Also it has quick release buckles! The canvas messenger bag has an excellent functionality and quality for carrying all of your school materials.

If you like fashion and style, these messenger bags can be found in either gender at you local malls. Many college students and high school students use these bags to look fashionable, but at the same time use it for functional purposes.

When using messenger bags, it become easier to place and remove your text-books, laptops, and other school supplies since they lie on the side of you body!

The Backpacks Tip Center is full of more great tips on other cool backpacks!  I hope you have a great first day of school!


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  1. Cassandra Says:

    Where can I find the messenger bag in the picture on your blog, I have been trying to find one like this, and I love this one.

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