Carnival of Shopping #22


After a horrendously long hiatus, Pocket Change returns with one of its long lost series: the Carnival of Shopping! So get your cotton candy machine; here you will revel in all the fun sales, deals, and shopping tips the internet has to offer (twice a month). As your humble ringleader, I welcome you to the the August 5, 2009 edition of the carnival of shopping. This week, we are focusing on tips and tricks to help you weather the recession:

American Consumer News wants you to be an informed shopping (why else would you be on Ask yourself: “Are You An Informed Shopper?”, then hop on over for some helpful tips and tricks to getting the most bang for your buck! Become a smart shopper, but don’t take my my word for it.

Wisebread shows us the top 10 Ways to Get More Wear Out of Your Clothing. We all love to go shopping for new clothing, but during these hard times it pays to be recession chic. Learn some tips and tricks on how to make your favorite items last forever (or at least until we’re out of the dark ages).

Fine-Tuned Finances reveals the 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Every Purchase. The recession is affecting all of us, but don’t let it hit you over the head!

Speaking of getting the most out of this recession, have you considered cloth diapers? Autumn Beck from All About Cloth Diapers is reviewing the Weehuggers Bamboo All-In-One. Aren’t Bamboo cloth diapers cool? Not only are they eco-friendly (bamboo is a sustainable material), they can save you a ton of money as opposed to disposable diapers.

Curious about how to be budget saavy and fashionable? Budget Fashion Scene presents a treasure trove of deals at Sunnyvale’s Goodwill store. Be green by reducing waste and buying vintage.

Are you trying to lose weight this summer and put some money in the bank? Fit 4 Ever Young reviews The Ab Rocker, a total gym system often featured on infomercials. Did it succeed in providing the necessary resistance and value without compromising quality?

Trees Full of Money presents, what every family in America wants to know,  How to Get the Book Inexpensive Family Vacations! He features many tips and tricks to helping you and your family get the best vacation for your budget. Of course, you could always do a staycation if the mood strikes.

And finally, for you recession mommies out there, Home Life Weekly shows you how to shop for  Pregnancy Bras. Maternity clothes and new infant gear can be a drain on the wallet. Why not save money where you can? Check out the guide!


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