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Last weekend was my little niece’s Birthday and I gave her as her first year birthday gift a child safety leash.  I think that a child leash is great gift for a child who just started walking.  One of the great advantages about a leash is that it can prevent parents from loosing their child!

A parent’s greatest fear is to lose their child in a crowd. If you tell your child to always stay near, she could easily get distracted and stop following you. Even if you tell you child to hold you hand, that could get really tiring for your little one by keeping her hand above her head the whole time. A great way to give your kid more freedom but still know she’s near is to use a child leash. Child leashes come in many different designs, so you can choose the best one for your kid.

  • Backpack leash is usually a stuffed animal backpack that acts as a harness and has a short leash to allow your kid to walk a short distance in front of you or beside you. Disney makes a few backpacks with a 39” leash.
  • Electric child leash by Child Guard, are wireless so your child can play in the jungle gym while you sit on a nearby bench. The adults receiver can be attached to a backpack or pant loop, so when the child’s transmitter goes past the set distance, the receiver will start to beep.
  • Fanny pack leash by O’pair are smaller than a backpack and worn around the waist. The adult fanny pack has a retractable 5 foot line that connects to the child’s fanny pack that comes in 6 different plush animal characters.

These tips were studied and exercised by our worldwide traveler Desiree! For more tips on luggage for traveling kids visit The Luggage Tip Center.


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