Carry-On Luggage Weight Limit



Some of us  have experienced problems with managing the weight limit of our luggage. Specially when returning from our trip and squeezing  in those souvenirs.

When packing your one personal item and one carry-on luggage, keep a weight scale handy so that you can make sure you are staying within the airline’s weight limit. Since, every jet has its own unique weight limits, it is important to check with your airline before hand to know the exact amount. Most airlines allow your carry-on luggage to weigh a maximum anywhere from 7 pounds to 40 pounds without an Excessive Fee. So make sure to check with your airline before your flight.

The personal item usually goes unweighed, unless security feels that your item looks excessive in weight or size. Remember laptops and other electronics are highly suggested to be brought on board with you in a laptop bag or a backpack and can be claimed as your one allotted personal item.

Excessive Fee

In the event your carry-on luggage and personal item exceeds the plane’s carry-on size or weight limits, you might be asked to pay a fee or check your carry-on as a piece of luggage. The airlines’ weight and size restrictions were made to accommodate enough storage space for each passenger equally. Exceeding such restrictions could result in a fee of $10 up to $35 to keep your carry-on from being checked. Sometimes airlines are full and cannot accommodate excessive carry-on luggage, in that case you will be required to check your luggage. If this additional bag exceeds your limit of allotted checked baggage, you might be subjected to an additional luggage fee anywhere from $25 to $100. So, check with your airline for the specifics before you fly to save yourself money and additional headaches.

These luggage tips were studied and exercised by our worldwide traveler Desiree!


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