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If you’re looking to get more cardio in your workout, but can’t stand running outside with all of the elements or don’t have the luxury of a gym membership, consider purchasing a treadmill for your home. There’s a treadmill conveniently placed in the garage of my home, and I must admit that it’s quite the motivator to actually get up and run for several minutes. No need to worry about the weather conditions or where exactly you’re going to start and stop. Simply hop on the treadmill and keep track of your distance and time. For a high-quality marathon treadmill that will help you in your fitness goals, Proform CrossWalk Treadmills are a great choice. They come in several different models, so you have the liberty to select the treadmill that is perfect for your needs.

The Proform CrossWalk 480 Treadmill includes 6 built-in CrossWalk workouts and SoftFlex Cushioning technology that will reduce the impact on your joints, while running, up to 15%. Now, you can give yourself 6 different workouts with the peace of mind that your bones will not experience the same impact from running outside on concrete.

Proform CrossWalk 480 Treadmill

A more advanced version is the the Proform CrossWalk 570 Treadmill which includes 3 built-in CrossWalk workouts and 12 personal trainer workouts. Truly a treadmill that is sure to give you a variety of workouts so that there is never a dull workout day. Furthermore, it includes a feature that most people look for when they’re in the market for a treadmill– a fan! The CrossWalk 570 has a built-in CoolAire workout fan that will make your workouts more bearable and leave your body feeling comfortable and refreshed.

Proform Crosswalk 570 Treadmill

No matter if you’re trying to get into shape or are a world-class triathlete, having a treadmill is definitely a wise investment. Proform CrossWalk’s various treadmill models give you the options you need to select the perfect device for your workout goals.

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