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I recently realized that everyone loves to feel special. And giving personalized cards is a super way to show that you care enough about a person to make an extra effort. That was when I bought myselfavery-greeting-card-stock Avery Greeting Card Stock and started designing cards for different occasions.

The incident that triggered this realization was a visit to my childhood friend’s home. We were meeting after nearly 15 years! While we talking about the days gone by, she suddenly got up and said, “Wait here. I have something to show you”. She went into one of the rooms, came out with a folder and opened it to reveal numerous handmade cards that I had given her when we were children!

By the time I returned home, I had decided that henceforth I would resume giving cards that I had designed. The first step was to get the stationery required. After doing a bit of research, I ordered the Avery Personal Creations Textured Heavyweight Avery Textured Greeting Card Stock1/2-Fold Cards. This sheet of 30 cards is accompanied by matching envelopes. These cards are white in color, textured and have microperforation and premium scoring so that they can easily and neatly be separated from the sheet and folded in half. The Avery Greeting Card Stock is perfect for printing birthday cards, anniversary cards or holiday cards. The cards are 5.5″ x 8.5″ in dimension and the card sheets feed automatically from the paper tray. They are made of good quality, heavyweight paper so they feel like the regular cards that you would buy from a store.

The next step was to select a design, print it on the card and see how it turned out. So I downloaded a software program that had Avery templates, created and printed the card with my ink jet color printer. I was quite pleased with the output. The card seemed to look perfect- professionally designed and at the same time conveying my feelings, the way I would express it. I can’t wait for Christmas time as I am going to send out personalized Christmas cards printed on the Avery Greeting Card Stock this time!

-Runa (Guest Blogger)

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  1. Alaska Cruise Says:

    Really fun to make your own greeting cards.

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