Celebrate National Cupcake Day and Make Your Own Cupcakes


national cupcake day 12.15.09If you like slices of cake, then you will love the smaller hand held cupcakes. These cakes are individually made and decorated to the ultimate portable enjoyment. I am actually a bigger fan of cupcakes than cake slices because I don’t have to worry about how large or small a slice of cake will be in the restaurant.

Within the past couple of years cupcake-eries have been spreading from southern California to northern California ever so elegantly. But if you are like me and you want to celebrate today’s National Cupcake Day with a nice frosted mini cake, you will find that cupcake-eries get a bit pricey at $4 to $7 per cupcake. So what I’m going to do is make some cupcakes tonight at home for less than that!

If this is your first time making home made cupcakes, here is your shopping list:

williams sonoma cupcake mixDepending on what ingredients you have around your house you can use a muffin or regular cake batter for your cupcake mix or spend a little more money and get a real cupcake mix from Williams-Sonoma. Or you can go all out and mix the flour, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla extract and any other ingredients that will make your cupcake purely delicious.chicago metallic 12-cup cupcake baking pan

A cupcake baking pan is absolutely necessary. Even though this sheet can only be used for making cute little individual cakes, you must get at least one.

hni mini cupcake baking cupsCupcake baking cups are optional but highly advised. There are actually many different types of cupcake cups out there that line your baking sheet and allow for easy removal of your tasty treats. The least expensive cupcake cups are made out of paper and do the job just fine but if you want to wow your roommates there are individual foil cups and even reusable silicone cups for easy removal with less waste.instant jell-o pudding pie filling frosting

Then you will need the frosting. Any pre-made cake frosting or instant cake frosting will do. Some people go all out to make thick Jell-O puddings and use those as the delectable frosting.

Depending on what you have time for tonight, you can make this National Cupcake Day an annual bake-athon with dozens of your very own cupcake creations to share with friends and family.

- Desiree

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