Christmas stockings and holiday cheer


Christmas stockingsMore than Christmas gifts, the excitement lies in its wrapper. This has all the surprises hidden in it. But these are not the ordinary wrappers. These are in forms of socks or stockings and are a very significant part of Christmas. Don’t forget that Christmas stockings make the most vital element of the season for your little angels. Kids love surprises and the way they come on Christmas. Every child awaits the Christmas morning to get a sight of his favorite gift!

You can make every stocking personalized by getting his name written on it and decorating it the way he likes. This way you can have a different one to make each of your child feel special. Christmas stockings come in various different shapes, sizes and designs. They have to be very appealing because here the wrapper is almost equally vital to the gift!

Find out the ‘best’ of the rest to make this a beautiful, exceptional Christmas for your little angels!

The knitted Stockings-

The knitted or the wool Christmas stockings are the most dominating ones every year. Since the oldest times of this trend on Christmas, knitting stockings, using wool and yarn has been there. Christmas comes in winters in most part of the world, so these traditional wool, stocking swill always remain. If, you are making these at home, the best part of this is you can personalize it your way. Or, they are available in beautiful patterns and colors. These are knitted with care and so, will last for a long period.

The Needlepoint Stockings-

The exceptional thing about the needlepoint stockings, like the Homemade Damask needlepoint stockings is that they are packed with numerous innovative designs that rarely exist. The uniqueness of them is something that tickles the likes of those who are crazy about them. They feature a soft cotton velveteen back and cuff. These quality pieces are sure to enhance your homes’ holiday decor and make the Christmas Eve even special.

Dog Christmas Stockings-

If your pet makes an integral part of your family this is for the four-legged, furry members. You can make and buy personalized dog Christmas stockings for them. You can make favorite toys and treats for pets exhibiting different patterns and colors.

Disney Christmas Stockings-

Not only will the gift in the stocking, but the stocking itself be your child’s favourite now. The Disney Christmas stocking will be cherished all through the year. Choose from his favourite Disney character. You can use the films of Disney as the theme for decorating the stocking too. Who knows? An adult could also love it sometimes.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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