Hanukkah Starts December 11, 2009


Friday December 11th is the start of Hanukkah for 2009. After doing some research I found quite a few Hanukkah inspired items that will make your family’s sundown rituals a truely wonderful one.  Here are just a few that really caught my eye.

I really like how simply decorated these Menorah’s are with plenty of room for the 9 candles. I especially like the second Waterford Crystal Menorah. It is truely elegant.

Since the Menorah candles should last for at least 4 hours, these Lux candles are the best. Burning at 1 inch an hour and coming in a pack of 12, you can just get one pack or get two for individual Menorahs.

I’ve always liked the look of Menorahs in the front window of houses, but sometimes the windowsill doesn’t have enough space. In that case a sturdy folding table made out of wood can keep your Menorah upright and within view from your window.

Since some people live in apartments or have small kids, these electric Menorahs are the way to go. Without compromising on style, these safe electric alternatives allow you to “light” each candle one by one as the days go on.

Happy Hanukkah!

- Desiree

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