Keep the Chill Away with the Patagonia R4 Jacket


As the winter sets in, people start looking into their wardrobe for warmer clothes to face the cold. While some people stay indoors to keep themselves warm, there are others who love to venture out into the winter wonderland to enjoy the chilling temperatures. For such people, owning a warm outerwear like the Patagonia R4 jacket is really a necessity as it keeps them warm as they enjoy the outdoors.

Patagonia R4 jacket Patagonia R4 women's jacket

Available in a range of sizes for both men and women, these winter jackets are suitable for casual as well as formal wear. They are designed as a single stretchy package and provide windproof protection in extremely cold temperatures. Besides being warm, they also provide a look of elegance and style and comfortable for wear. These jackets are also environment friendly as they are manufactured from threads and fabrics that are 100% recyclable.

The Patagonia R4 jacket features a windproof laminate fabric sandwiched between a toasty and stretchy single-sided fabric package containing variegated-fiber R2®, placed on the inner side of the jacket and a full-velour, single-sided polyester, placed on the outer side of the jacket. The jacket is stitched without any shoulder seams and comes with a drawcord hem and elasticized cuffs.

The handwarmer pockets are placed high on the front of the jacket which causes minimum interference with the harness and pack belts. These jackets also feature zippered chest pockets that are easy to access. In addition, the Patagonia R4 jackets have an interior wind flap that is placed on the center zip and is long enough to wrap over the collar to provide a cushioning comfort to the neck and the chin.

If you want to enjoy outdoor activities in frosty weather, a Patagonia fleece hat will also serve you well!

- Guest Blogger: Tushar

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