Selecting the Right Wool Overcoat


While everyone knows that a wool overcoat is must for winter wardrobe, very few people know the essential qualities that one should keep in mind while buying it. Also known as jackets, these overcoats can be worn over suits, casual business wear and even for occasions like weddings, parties etc. As they are made of wool, overcoats fall within the bracket of expensive clothing. Unless you know how to select the right overcoat, you may end up buying something that you would regret later.

full length wool overcoatAvailable in full and ¾ lengths, wool overcoats are popular among both young and older men. If you are tall, you can carry a full length wool overcoat with élan. Just make sure that its hemline should fall around lower level of your shins which would, anyway, be perfect for most winter days. Around the time when snow starts melting, long overcoats are at risk of getting soiled, so shifting to mid length overcoats is a good idea.

Mostly preferred by the younger demographic, ¾ length wool overcoats can fall anywhere between lower part of your trouser pocket to lower part of your knees. If you are on the shorter side, stick to this style as it makes you appear taller by falling gracefully around your body. Warm and rich, cashmere wool is the most preferred fabric for men’s wool overcoats.

Generally men cannot make up their minds whether single breast overcoat suits them or double breast. While single breasted overcoats have a single row of three or four buttons, that can be fastened down in front, double breasted overcoats have one lap of the front going all the way to cover the other. You have two rows of five or six buttons that have to be fastened to give it a proper shape. Most double breast coats come with matching belts to be tied around the waist.

Step out into the winter in style and and elegance with the right wool overcoat.

Guest blogger: Tushar

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