Slanket Blanket for Indoor Warmth


slanket blanketWith winter upon us, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us would rather stay home and remain warm than be out there in unforgiving weather conditions. However, for some people, staying indoors doesn’t necessarily guarantee warmth. Some families may run the heater sparingly to save utility costs, while others may not even have a heater in their home. To effectively keep warm indoors from the comfort of your own couch, consider the Slanket blanket. Regarded as “the original blanket with sleeves”, the Slanket will keep you warm without compromising your ability to perform essential tasks with your hands. Simply slip the Slanket over your body and put your arms through the sleeves and enjoy the warmth. It gives you the ability to play video games,  eat dinner, read a book, and talk on the phone without exposing your arms and upper-body. Best of all, this polyester blanket is machine-washable and is one size fits all with dimensions of 60″ x 95″.

slanket blanket brown

Whether you’re a family trying to save money on utilities or a poor college student that can’t afford a heater, the Slanket blanket is just what you need to keep warm this winter!


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