Top 3 Luggage Set Picks for Your Holiday Vacation


luggage-setTravel light with smart and trendy luggage choices for your summer vacation. The type and number of pieces of luggage you need depends on the number of people (and our best animal friends) traveling, where you are traveling to and how many days you are traveling for. The perfect luggage set is dependent upon what you will use it for and how you intend to travel with it.

First get a travel organizer. It will make your vacation much more relaxing and enjoyable knowing you have everything you need secure and organized, ready when you need it. A travel organizer should be a compact bag, convenient to carry that holds all your travel essentials – your passport, travelers checks, credit cards, cell phone, camera, medicines and glasses. Remember, this is for essentials, so don’t stuff or it will not longer serve its purpose.

If you are traveling alone, you should be on your way already with a compact duffel bag or even a backpack if you want to travel light.  If you are flying, make sure your duffel bag is within cabin baggage restrictions and you will be out of the airport and on the road before you know it.

  1. Hardside luggage: A solid luggage set that can withstand the bumps of airline travel is a must if you are going far away this holiday season. Nothing is more annoying than packing up to get ready to leave and your duffel bag suddenly pops a seam.
  2. Animal print luggage: Show off your personality with some puncky luggage!
  3. Specialty luggage: Whether or not you have to transport a fine italian suit or a kidney this holiday season, has you covered!

Make sure to check out the baggage fees for major airlines. Have a happy and safe Holiday Vacation this year. Cheers from!

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