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The holidays are a time for good fun, good cheer and lots of giving.  The giving part is not only good for the soul, but is the perfect way to warm the hearts of everyone around you.  This is particularly true when you find the perfect holiday party gifts to give as you make your rounds to the year’s holiday and tree trimming parties.

It’s always a good idea to show up to a holiday party with a gift for the host/hostess.  Selecting gifts for a holiday party, however, can be a chore.  You don’t want a gift that appears cheap or thoughtless.  You also don’t want to be a bore with the traditional bottle of wine or the bouquet that won’t last through the end of the year.

To help take some of the guesswork out of this task, here are five holiday party gifts that will ensure you will get an invite to your favorite holiday parties next year. And there’s never a better time of year to get creative and have some fun with some uncommon gifts.

Table Topics Conversation Cards

No one likes a boring party.  And no one likes to have the same person dominate a party year after year with the same old stories. Table topics conversation cards

Table Topics comes to the rescue by providing family and friends an opportunity to reconnect and discover more about themselves and each other.  Table Topics not only makes a nice holiday party gift, but comes in a pretty box that will make a nice addition to most anyone’s decor.

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters

While we are on the topic of conversation, these Vintage Vinyl LP Coasters can strike up some fun as well.  You score big points with your host/hostess because there are never enough coasters around to protect furniture with a house full of guest.  These are also a great gift for music lovers, as they feature artist from all eras of music.

Rapid Beverage Chiller

Have you ever been to a holiday party and can never find a cold drink to quench your thirst?  Well, that’s typically because guests will drink beverages faster than they can be served and definitely chilled.  That’s where the Rapid Beverage Chiller comes in handy.  This machine can chill up to six cans in one minute and a bottle of wine in six minutes.  And as an added bonus, it can heat baby bottles as well.  This unique device will definitely keep any party flowing.

Decadent DesertsGodiva chocolates

If there’s one time of the year when diets go out the window, it’s during the holidays.  After all, you can always get back on the wagon with your weight loss plans at the beginning of the year.  So why not treat the guests at your next holiday party with decadent chocolate treats from Godiva.  Check out their Chocolate Delights Christmas Gift Basket that includes decadent milk, dark and white Godiva chocolates, Truffles, Godiva gems and more!

Holiday Charades

Holiday Charades is a unique version of the classic party game Charades.  Once the ice has been broken, food and drink are flowing and desserts are abound, guests will be ready for some animated fun.  Just put the Charades cards in a bowl and watch the party come alive with reenactments of holiday classics from movies, books, songs and characters. This game makes a great addition to any holiday party.

These holiday party gift ideas are sure to be a hit at any party you attend.  They will not only fill a room with cheer, but score you big points with your host/hostess. And if you are a last minute shopper, check out these last minute gift ideas.

Guest Blogger: Ronda Luv (Holiday Gifts Finder)

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