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FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share and Sephora present Sign Up for Style is proud to announce our Sign Up for Style contest, sponsored by Sephora! Sephora is one of the names to know in fashion and beauty, so we’re thrilled to have them kick off of our newest contest with us!

We’re excited about this contest and hope you are, too! Enter now for a chance to win one of four (4) $50 eGift Certificates redeemable for any and all products at the online store. 4 lucky winners will get to go on a $50 shopping spree this February. Start your 2010 makeover or give the gift of beauty to a loved one.

The name of the game is beauty, and here are 2 ways to enter to win:

  • Sign up for the Be in Style RSS feed (top right) and  stay up-to-date on fashion and future contests. NOTE: All RSS subscriptions must be verified by emailing
  • Submit a comment to this blog post talking about your favorite Sephora buy and why it’s been on your mind ever since (for example, if you bought Vera Wang’s Princess fragrance at Sephora and it’s become your signature scent, let us know!). As always, enter a valid email address so we can contact you if you win!

Double your chances by both subscribing to the RSS feed AND submitting a comment as each will be counted as a separate entry. 2 chances to win, 2 chances to score big! We’ll randomly draw a winner each Friday for the next 4 weeks starting February 5th at 10am PST so sign up soon—these Sephora gift cards are hot!

And who’s won so far?

Week #1 Winner: Jen who said:

I finally found my signature scent when I bought D&G’s 3 L’Imperatrice a couple months ago from Sephora! I told a girl who worked there what I liked and it was one of her last suggestions. PERFECTION and the very first perfume that I really feel connected to!

We love how you found your perfect perfume with the help of a Sephora sales associate. They are so friendly and helpful aren’t they? Check your email and enjoy your $50 eGift Certificate courtesy of!

Week #2 Winner: Jennifer M who said:

I love my Bare Escentuals!! Best make up ever. I love that I can hardly feel it on my face.

You know what? We love Bare Escentuals as well! Especially their new Matte line. Is that what you’re going to spend your $50 on? Let us know!

Week #3 Winner: B.C. who said:

I bought the J’adore eau de parfum on the recommendation of a Sephora consultant. I mentioned what scents I like and don’t like, and she found this great one for me. I’ve been wearing it for years now and get compliments every time! I hope I win!

And win you did! J’adore is such a great everyday scent. Come back and let us know what other great Sephora products you bought with your $50 eGift Cert!

Week #4 Winner: Mel who said:

My favorite product is Nars “Orgasm”, very pretty peachy blush.

Oh Mel, you’re making us blush! We love the high quality blushes from Nars as well! I also recommend their intense eyeshadow as well–they are divine!

And that concludes our Sign up for Style contest. Check back next week for a brand new contest to hold you over for all of March!

Please continue to comment and subscribe. All viable entries will be considered for all future drawings! So once you win 1 drawing, you will be disqualified for future drawings . You can check out our contest guidelines before entering.

Stay tuned for your chance to win, and keep watching for more exciting news from our blog! You could be one of four lucky winners!

Shop Sephora with over 13,000 products from over 200 of your favorite brands like Bare Escentuals, Dior, Clinique, Philosophy, Smashbox and more. Get FREE shipping on orders over $50, 3 FREE samples of your choice with every order, and FREE and easy returns.

71 Responses to “Sign up for Style and win a $50 Sephora eGift Certificate”

  1. B.C. Says:

    I bought the J’adore eau de parfum on the recommendation of a Sephora consultant. I mentioned what scents I like and don’t like, and she found this great one for me. I’ve been wearing it for years now and get compliments every time! I hope I win!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I love Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector. Not only does it correct even the greatest of discolorations, but it is also a great moisturizer for the harsh winter winds. Don’t think of it as pricey; think of it as an investment!!! I highly recommend it.

  3. Freddie Says:

    The Anthony for Men product line is one I swear by. Really great facial wash and hair gel.

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Huge fan of the Lancome artliner. Really the best eyeliner for a sleek, glammed up look. This would be the only thing I would choose if I could have only one thing in my makeup bag. What would be yours?

  5. Michelle Says:

    I found my new favorite cream blush at Sephora- NARS. Much better than the MAC blush I used to use~and now I’ll only ever buy the NARS cream blush!

  6. MC Says:

    I recently found my favorite lip gloss at Sephora. It is Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips and is the best lip gloss I have ever used! I definitely recommend it!

  7. Ella Says:

    Urban Decay is my favorite makeup line, and Sephora’s the only store that carries the big XL size primer potion called Sin. It’s my favorite eyeshadow primer because it lasts all day and has a shimmery champagne color that’s really flattering!

  8. Caitlin Says:

    I love Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. I have extremely fine hair that gets oily at the roots if not shampooed daily and too dry and brittle at the ends if shampooed daily. Every other day I just put a little dry shampoo on my scalp and then blow dry with a natural bristle brush and my head upside down. Gives me great volume and a healthy, clean-looking head of hair.

  9. Sabrina Says:

    I bought the Amazing Cosmetics concealer and though a big pricey, its totally worth it! Only a tiny amount is needed and all my blemishes and under eye circles are covered, and it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing make-up. Fantastic!

  10. Oli Says:

    The sephora brush set I purchased for my girlfriend is regarded as the most competent gift I have ever given.

  11. amber Says:

    My fav Sephora buy lately has been the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. It’s smooth, a gorgeous color, and it’s become(pun intended) a staple in my makeup bag. AND it was just sold out on for a whole month and now it’s back in stock! YAY ;) Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  12. Kim Says:

    The Carol’s Daughters Tui shampoo & conditioner is a God send. Finally a natural shampoo set for black girls that actually works!

  13. Roger Says:

    There are certain times where a guy just feels completely overwhelmed. What do I get my girlfriend? Will she actually like what I get her? What can she possibly want? Luckily, there was Sephora. I bought the NARS Aqua Gel Hydrator because living in the desert takes a toll on her skin. She absolutely loved how great it hydrated her skin. Even I could see there was a difference!

  14. JC Says:

    I love buying Sephora gift cards as gifts. They always come with the great personal makeup/touchup mirror that accentuates the gift card perfectly!

  15. Samantha Says:

    My mom bought me Burberry London from Sephora when I was 15 and probably too young to be wearing something that smelled so classy-20-something-living-in-a-flat, but now it’s my go-to perfume for occasions (which as of right now include parties, midterms, and talking to cute boys).

  16. Thuy Says:

    I love strolling the aisles at Sephora and checking out all the products. I also love my Ojon leave-in conditioner. <3

  17. Danielle Says:

    Oh, Sephora how I love thee! I can’t choose just 1 item to rave about so I’m going with two:
    - Sephora Professional Purifying Brush Shampoo. I use it every 1-2 weeks to keep my make-up brushes clean and it also helps extend brush life.
    - But I can’t live without my Dior Show mascara. It lengthens, thickens and curls without any clumps. Best of all, it remains clump free for months (unlike cheaper mascara that starts to dry out and get clumpy soon after you’ve bought it). I love Dior Show!

  18. Doan Says:

    I think the one thing that I cant live without is Smith’s Lip Balm in minted rose. It is AMAZINNNNNG! Not only is it moisturizing but it also provides a glossy coat to my lips.

  19. Dee Says:

    *please delete my previous message sent right before this. I signed up through your feed through my google reader but put in the wrong email. I subscribed through my gmail – thanks! :) *

    my best Sephora purchase has been the bare escentuals ruby kit from December 2008. I got it at a great deal and it was full of delicious goodies with colors that look stunning in the kit and on my face! – I love the kits that sephora sells!

    also, love the lancome artliner – amazing!

  20. annalene Says:

    I LOVE liquid eyeliner but I always have huge problems with it smearing everywhere (greasy eyelids I guess). The one liquid eyeliner that DOES work for me every time is Dior. Sephora carries the diorliner and the style liner both of which are AMAZING. I can go out for 12+ hours a day and my eyeliner still looks flawless- love it!

  21. Fabulous Florida Mommy Says:

    I love Ojon products, especially the Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and Moisturizer…both are really amazing.

    *I’m subscribed in Google Reader. Thanks! :)

  22. Jennifer Duvall Says:

    Too Faced Cosmetics Shadow Insurance is hands down my favorite product I stock up on from Sephora. I use it absolutely everyday to keep my shadow from fading as well as on all my clients, especially brides who need their eye makeup to stay all day! It locks color in and makes it more vibrant. I should be a spokesperson for this product-ha!

  23. Mel Says:

    My favorite product is Nars “Orgasm”, very pretty peachy blush.

  24. Miss Neira Says:

    My bare escentuals!!

  25. Mariam Says:

    I bought Dior Shiesedo make up counselor stick and I absolutely love it. Its my favourite counselor ! And I love sephore consultants for helping me discover this wodnerful product.

  26. Sarah Says:

    I love the sephora brand primer/mattefier. It is a lifesaver for my oily skin

  27. Brandy U Says:

    I love their Stay Don’t Stray, which is an eyeshadow primer. It really works so that eyeshadow doesn’t end up in the creases!

  28. Cydnee Jex Says:

    I would really like to try either the gloss sets or the first kiss or french kiss stains. I also like the volumizing mascara. Thanks!

  29. Jennifer M Says:

    I love my Bare Escentuals!! Best make up ever. I love that I can hardly feel it on my face.

  30. Sherri Says:

    I love the Bare Escentuals I bought!! I have kicked myself for not buying the perfume by Kat Von D when I saw it at Christmas time… I think it may be time for a visit :)

  31. Hyanne Says:

    I just love Sephora Brand color box…I love eye shadows…

  32. gabriela polanco Says:

    i recently purchased the sephora makeup kit. it includes primer, concealer, and mineral powder foundation. i love it! although the primer does make my nose and forehead slightly shiny, the concealer and foundation are amazing! i have some acne scarring and after the concealer and foundation you can hardly see them. it gives great coverage without looking cakey or heavy. im a sephora shopper for life!

  33. Cathy Says:

    I got the BEST concealer at Sephora. I found the amazing cosmetics counter and the SA was nice enough to let me take a sample home. I fell in love with the full coverage it gives and went back to get the full size!

  34. Pamela Says:

    I could spend hours at Sephora, but one purchase I made before winter really stands out-Eye Bright by Benefit. Just a little of this highlighter makes me look like I slept a full 8 hours, even if I didn’t! And it is lasting forever, so it’s definately worth it!

  35. Coley Says:

    My dream Sephora purchase is the NARS Wild at Heart Palette. LOVE IT! I also signed up for the RSS feed – thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  36. smk Says:

    Sephora is not a “stuffy” store. I have never been any place that actually let’s you sample products. They even give you samples to take home to be sure you like the product before you actually purchase it! I have been a “beauty insider” for quite a while at, and really enjoy being able to shop whenever it is convenient for me. There are usually specials going on, and you get gifts on your birthday, and other benefits. I recently purchased the “Clarisonic” skin care system, and urge everybody to invest the money “up front”. It will pay for itself by giving you nicer skin, nicer emotional feelings about your skin, and somehow causes your skin to need less moisturizer, cream, etc., therefore saving you money! I especially encourage young women to care for their skin. It is the only skin you get for the rest of your life. That could very well be a long time, and believe me, the damage done in earlier years always shows up at a later age! I think Sephora is making a wonderful contribution toward encouraging young people to care for their skin by the welcoming atmosphere inside their store, the encouragement to try products by their knowledgeable staff, and by giving younger people samples to try. Where else welcomes the younger generation in such a fashion? Hats off to Sephora for encouraging people of all ages to take care of their skin!

  37. Theo Says:

    Even Better Skin Tone Corrector by Clinique is amazing amazing amazing. The best toner I’ve ever purchased – leaves skin cool and feeling moisturized NOT dry! :)

  38. Yefi Says:

    Nars blush in super orgasm is my favorite item from Sephora. The color works brilliantly on many skin tones and it’s my go to beauty product for some extra perking up. Well worth $26!

  39. Tasha Says:

    I found my favourite perfume there! Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue. And I picked up the last bottle in stock when I was there! Very exciting.

  40. Christy Says:

    I’ve always had trouble with acne, but all the skincare regimens I’ve tried have been either way too over-drying or simply ineffective. So when a Sephora employee suggested I try Philosophy’s “On a Clear Day” kit, I was pretty skeptical. But now, I love it! My skin’s still not perfect (and probably won’t ever be), but it is much clearer (and my boyfriend insists that it’s very soft and smooth…hehe). So that’s my most memorable Sephora purchase. :)

  41. Emma Says:

    I love the Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume-the perfect vanilla base without being boring. Not only do I love the scent, but I’ve gotten random compliments on it too! :)

  42. Mellie Says:

    I was just in Sephora today – I purchased Stila’s eyeshadow in Kitten (a gorgeous shimmery pink), and Bare Escentuals new matte foundation. My dermatologist suggested I switch to a mineral foundation, and I’m in love – gives you a natural, polished look that lasts all day. & rss subsriber

  43. Hannah Says:

    i love urban decays primer potion because it doesnt leave creases and it goes on smooth on my eyelids !

  44. Katie Says:

    Any philosophy brand product

  45. Susan Says:

    My favorite Sephora buy has been my D&G Light Blue perfume. I also have been wanting to try a new D&G scent for some time now!

  46. (always)alanna Says:

    i have absolutely fallen in love with the diorshow mascara- i reccommend it for everyone- it gives gorgeous lashes- and so many compliments :)

  47. Melanie Says:

    I bought Burberry Brit from Sephora, and I can’t go out without it now!

  48. Shannon Says:

    I absolutely love the pink GHD straightener that I bought from Sephora. I saw the perfect curls it made from an in-store demonstration and I had to have it!

  49. Lindsay Says:

    I’m getting married this June and I’m a bride on a budget. I would love to have someone do my make up and be perfectly coiffed and airbrushed, but I had to cut out the pre-wedding pampering. Every little bit counts–fifty dollars buys my Makeup Forever HD foundation. Hey, I’ll be a blushing bride no matter what, but there’s nothing like the perfect Nars flush to help me along. ;)

  50. Christy Says:

    I love everything in the Philosophy line. Their shower gels are so yummy. I recently bought their “Hope in a jar” moisturizer and it hasn’t disappointed! Thanks :) (I also subscribe via Google Reader)

  51. Kelly Says:

    I recently bought Sephora’s Sephora Brand Body Butter, and I adore it! It’s creamy with a light, fresh scent that I adore.

  52. Emily Says:

    I have lots of Sephora products that I love, but Rosebud lipbalm is a classic!

  53. lg Says:

    I love the Fresh brown Sugar Scrub from Sephora. My skin feels so clean and soft after using it!

  54. Sarah Says:

    I signed-up for the RSS feed and e-mailed to confirm.

    Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is great for my complexion and preventing my face from drying-out this time of year, which it tends to do. It is so expensive, I can’t always afford it, so the gift card to sephora would be a huge help!

  55. Carrie Says:

    My favorite Sephora purchase continues to be my shu uemura Eyelash Curler. It really works. Sephora has so many great products though – love all the Benefit products as well.

  56. Gigi Says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed & sent an email.

    I rely on Sephora for my Murad products. I also love Kat Von D’s lipgloss. Oh…and Nars Orgasm blush. Those are my top 3 faves.

  57. Lauren H Says:

    My favorite Sephora product is definitely Nars blush in Orgasm. It is one of the few blushes that is flattering on my uber-fair skin!

  58. Emily Says:

    My favorite Sephora product is definitely the DiorShow Iconic Extreme (waterproof) mascara! It is the first mascara I have ever bought that makes my lashes fantastically long, and always boosts my confidence!

  59. Stephanie Says:

    I love my vera wang princess perfume also my vera wang rock princess, these have been the best purchases i have made, vera wang princess is my signature perfume, my husband loves it so much that he’s constantly buying it for me….

  60. Lucy Says:

    I’m currently loving Tarte’s True Love Cheek Stain. I picked up the mini version on a whim when I was in line to check out (love those bins of minis btw!) and it’s become one of my staples ever since I first tried it on. Everything is so cold and gray and blah right now and I’m feeling pale as a vampire! This vibrant pink cheek stain makes my cheeks and my outlook rosy!

  61. Alicia Says:

    Everytime I go into Sephore I try on Burberry Brit eau de parfum :) and look at Nars Habanera eyeshadow!

  62. Joan Says:

    Believe it or not, my favorite Sephora beauty product is the regular Sephora Brand Eyeshadow. I, like many others, have gotten loads of products from the store, but the Sephora Brand Eyeshadow always stands tried and true. It’s paraben-free, which is essential to me, and works like magic. Simple, obvious, reliable magic. My favorite color that it comes in is Aspen Summit 23: perfect for high-lighting.

  63. Koro Says:

    I just got the Thierry Mugler ‘Alien’ Perfume
    actually it was a valentine’s day present
    it smells so good.
    I love Sephora and I think I found my favorite perfume

  64. Gleenn Says:

    Oh, I had not tried Sephora yet, but perhaps this would be a turning point. Would that count for this contest? I would love to try any og their product :)

  65. Christine Says:

    I love so much about Sephora. I am a bare escentials junkie- and am a huge fan of Philosophy’s microdermabrasion scrub/facial wash…These 2 products have changed my skin to an almost flawless face!

  66. aracely Says:

    i just tryed URBAN DECAY SHADOW PALETTE;LOVE LOVE LOVE the Urban Decay EyeShadows!! THey’re so Vibrant & stay on all day of course with the Primer IT CAME WITH!!!! ive been stocking up ever since..hands down best ever… also D&G LIGHT BLUE!!..that perfume defines ME..floral & exotic!

  67. Tasha Says:

    I love the Purity by Philosophy face wash! Makes me feel clean and fresh.

  68. Mellie Says:

    I’m not sure how I lived before without Smashbox’s Photofinish primer. It helps conserve your makeup (I use Bare Escentuals matte mineral foundation), and it makes for a polished finished.

  69. Anne Van Says:

    i purchased 'hope in a jar' its a moisterizer, and it works amazingly well! many other moisterizers i have bought in the past have been greasy or oily, or cakey, but this consistency was perfect! i loved it!

  70. Angel Says:

    I bought light blue by D&G, absolutely adorable.

  71. Contest Tuesday | TheBigQ Says:

    […] is giving away 1 of 4 $50 Sephora eGift Certificates each Friday for the entire Month of […]

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