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Hoodies are a fashionable casual wear very popular with the young generation. The hoodies date back to as far back as the 1930s when they were first introduced by the Champion clothing brand for the workers in the United Kingdom. A protection against the cold weather conditions is what they first came in as, however, soon with the young taking it on hoodies soon became a fashion wear. It was the fashion designer Claire McCardell who experimented with the styles and made it popular. Hoodies soon began to be the trendy sportswear, casual wear that symbolized comfort and style, and with the Universities taking it on with their logo it also became the choice of the young and happening.

Ecko Visual Assassin HoodieHoodies offer good protection from the cold and are also absolutely comfortable. Ecko, the urban clothing brand that is the creation of designer Marc Ecko, designs a range of hoodies that are a style statement in itself. A jacket for the upper body with a hood that can be adjusted with a string, the Ecko hoodies are stylish with detailing that reflects the creativity of the designer and an understanding of the needs of the young.

This Ecko visual assassin hoodie is one that can withstand the cold weather and provide good protection. Black with the pain splashed design provides it a rugged tough look. The Ecko logo and the embroidered crest is the mark to look for that makes it stand apart from a cheap imitation. The Ecko hoodies are high quality products that can withstand tough conditions and you can be in your favorite casual wear all day long and have fun. Ecko Hoodies also make great gifts for your teenage son or daughter who would appreciate its real value. With gifts being the essence of the season and a lovely way to express your love and affection, a Ecko Hoodie may just be of help to express your emotions.

Guest Blogger: Vandana Rajesh


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