Warm up your home with an electric fireplace


Electric fireplaces offers your home a terrific alternative to wood or gas fireplaces.  They have now become a great choice for homeowners, especially for those who cannot have an actual fireplace at home.

Many people have grown up seeing a wood fireplace in their home. The electric fireplace is almost just like real fire, it expels heat and gives you the same ambiance. The heat works just like a normal heater does. Most of the models also have a finger guard which prevents children from putting their fingers in and getting hurt. The original fireplace is not only expensive but it can also cause an unholy mess. The electric fireplace helps in reduction of carbon dioxide that is created when you have a wooden fireplace at home, gives no emissions, no outdoor pollution, and it doesn’t consume wood or fossil fuels. One of the greatest benefits of an electric fireplace is it doesn’t need a new chimney sweep every year. It even has a speaker that gives you the same sound as the real fire does.

electric fireplace with walnut finish

The built-in electric fireplace does not require a vent. The installation is easy, inexpensive, and can be quickly done. It can be placed anywhere at home; on an inside or outside wall. It can also be fixed in corners.  It will give your home a nice contemporary look regardless of where it stays. It features a very sturdy construction and the only thing it requires is your home’s power supply. Just plug it in and its working!  It’s extremely safe compared to the hazards of a wooden or a gas fireplace. The feel of an electric fireplace, especially one with traditional walnut finish, can be enjoyed every day without worrying about adding excess heat to your room. It is capable of warming almost every size of room. The best thing is it works with or without heat.

Though they come in many different sizes, styles, colors, and material their general measurements are around, a 33, 39 or a 45 inch width. It gives you 4,692 to 9,200 BTUs of heat. It has a fan- forced heater and gives you options of glass doors, trim kits, a remote control, wall thermostats, and a plug kit.

The electric fireplace gives your home a warm, relaxing feel at a push of a button.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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