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navy clogsIf the last thing on your mind is to worry about your feet and are looking for comfort plus simplicity to wear, then a pair of soft and flexible navy suede clogs are the way to go! The basic models of these unique looking sandals are made of wood and are a product of Sweden. But now, you can find them in colorful leather, rubber, with beautiful designs, for every age and a heel of your preference. The navy clogs are excellent for every foot. Clog sandals are ideal for inside as well as outside wear. Unlike other shoes, they don’t leave your feet feeling tight and damp as they have easy in and out accessibility. They have non-slip rubber soles for your safety in the wet. You can choose the size of your heel according to your professional or personal preferences. Comfortable and convenient clogs have become a mark of fashion–especially in the classic navy color. Stumped on what clogs are best for you? Let me help you select from a few of my favorites:

Wooden clogs: Wooden clogs give the classic clog appeal. Their soles are of wood but they offer a variety of designs including the fine stitched fur lining ones, giving them the look of boots. Also called the Ugg clogs, they are very pleasant looking. From a variety of higher heels to flat clogs for the flats’ lovers. All this makes shopping for wooden clogs fun!

Professional clogs: The simplest of all, yet different, are the professional clogs for use in the office or other more formal occassions that require just a bit more comfort. The Dansko navy professional clogs will give you the perfect clog feel. They come in plain and simple colors from suede to leather. Best suitable for working people who have the flair of beauty and do not give up on the comfort either. They come in dull as well as glossy finish that adjusts to your taste. Professional clogs are a must have for every working person!

Crocs clogs: Crocs is a big name brand (potentially the biggest) in the clogs industry. They make slip-ons that will get anyone on their feet! Available in every color possible and look the coolest! The best part is they are very light weighted, ideal for anywhere use. Made of all rubber, keeps your feet dry and breathable. The self designed ones are very cute, as well as the plain ones. Available for toddlers to adults, Croc navy clogs are the coolest clogs around.

Puma clogs: Puma has never failed to deliver, when it comes to style and comfort.  Done in mesh and leather with a hint of fabric overlay, Puma clogs are light weighted and bold designs with inner cushioning and a durable sole for all day usage.

Kids’ clogs: Kids are always looking for new fashion. The kids’ clogs are there for every kid’s choice. The kids will never settle for less. These clogs have to be pleasant looking with comfort. They come in plain and designed colours. Kids clogs come with an add on rubber buttons featuring their favorite cartoon character. Sure to make every child feel special.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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