Get perfectly sliced bread at home with the home bread slicer


At first glance, a home bread slicer may not look as important as other kitchen tools such as a spoon rack or a mixer but that does not make this item any less useful. If you want your family to enjoy perfectly sliced homemade bread loaves at the breakfast table, a home bread slicer is a must-have item for you. And if the slicer can cut through your bread loaf without leaving any crumbs on your kitchen countertop this makes it all the more useful!

Home bread slicer comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on their quality and your budget, you can cut loaves of breads and such other food items within a short span of time.

Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb CatcherWith the Norpro Acrylic Bread Slicer at your home, you no longer need to deal with messy bread crumbs as the slicer comes with a removable catcher. All you would do is simply dump the crumbs from the catcher to your kitchen bin and that’s it. The handsome slicer has non-adjustable slots to make sure that you can enjoy uniformly sliced breads ((1/2-inch thick) every morning. The apparent downside is that you can’t adjust the slicer for any thicker or thinner bread slices, if you so desire. The Norpro slicer has generous slicing surface to tackle all sizes of bread loaves adequately.

The Chefs Choice Model 630 Gourmet Electric Food Slicer makes a perfect choice for those looking for a premium quality product. Though not precisely a bread slicer, the reason I have included this product is that this quality slicer could give a new meaning to your everyday slicing. It comes with a 7-inch surgical stainless steel blade. This can whiz through a loaf of homemade bread and give you the perfect sliced breads for you to bite into. Not only bread slices, you can enjoy cheeses, meats, fruits and vegetables cut into various sizes, thick or thin with perfection. If you are planning a family picnic, this could be perfect for you. The professional quality slicer includes a hidden childproof safety lock to prevent the slicer from being accidentally turned on.

Guest Blogger: Nina Ghosh Konar

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