Is your refrigerator Energy Star certified?


What is an Energy Star rating? If you bought your refrigerator before 1993, there’s a very good chance that your fridge is costing you a fortune in terms of yearly electricity charges. That’s where the energy star rating comes into the picture. Refrigerators with an energy star rating indicates how efficient the fridge is when it comes to power consumption. Energy star fridges come with low power consumption and are environmentally friendly. These fridges help slash your energy bills and also offer you the latest features in refrigeration. Some of the latest energy star fridges such as the Frigidaire refrigerators come with touch pad controls, quick ice freezers, water dispensers, automatic alerts and excellent ice and water filtration. Kitchenaid also has excellent Energy Star certified refrigerators such as the Kitchenaid Architech II series. These fridges have Temperature Management Systems and LCD screens on the control panels. Another exciting range of Energy Star qualified fridges comes from GE Appliances. They have refrigerators in many designs and forms. GE energy star fridges come in side by side designs, top-freezer and bottom-freezer types as well. They have integrated dispensers with LED displays and Quick Freeze settings. They have a wide range of exterior designs to suit any kitchen décor.

Kitchen Aid energy star refridgerator So look for the energy star rating when you buy a refrigerator. It is two thumbs up for you and the environment. Nearly 70% of the electricity generated in USA is generated with coal and natural gas. The greenhouse emissions of this process contribute to global warming. An energy star certified refrigerator uses less than one fourth of the energy that is consumed by an uncertified refrigerator. And energy star certified fridges have better cooling systems that make the best use of the electricity. So do the right thing and purchase an Energy Star certified refrigerator because they use much less energy and we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Make sure you check out our Energy Star appliances guide before you buy so you are able to make smarter decisions about your appliances and the earth.

Guest Blogger: Anirudh

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