Enhance your mobility with a single release walker


Any person who is unable to walk independently finds it very frustrating. In many cases it is possible for such a person to gain mobility with the help of a walker. Different types of walkers are manufactured to meet the needs of different patients. Folding walkers, bariatric walkers, hemi walkers, junior walkers, dual release walkers, and ankle walkers are just a few amongst the numerous walkers available.

Lumex Uprise Folding WalkerA single release walker, for instance Invacare’s single release folding walker, has been so named as it can be folded with one button. Thus even a person with limited dexterity can fold the walker and keep it aside when it is not in use. The button in this sturdy lightweight walker provides visual and audible “locked” cues.

Even amongst single release walkers you will find different variants. When you are buying a walker, one of your first considerations should be whether it’s size is correct for you. The height is adjustable in most walkers. However, check the specifications to make sure that the walker can be adjusted to a convenient height. You will usually find walkers in two sizes, Adult Single Release Folding Walker and Junior Single Release Folding Walker.

Even though walkers are made from light tubular aluminum, some elderly patients may find it difficult to lift the walker for each step that they have to take. Walkers like the Single Release Walker with Fixed Wheels, which have wheels in the front, remedy the situation. One can simply slide the walker on the ground.

Often those using walkers find it difficult to get up from a seated position. Some walkers like the Lumex Uprise folding walker with secondary handle, are designed to aid in raising themselves. They can also be used as a portable toilet safety frame.

If the person with limited mobility is required to travel, he or she should opt for an adjustable folding walker, for example, the compact folding walker by Carex. This walker can be folded to 4” thus making it easy to carry along. It features vinyl handgrips for a better grip and double cross-brace for greater steadiness.

Thus if you are looking to buy a single release walker, first take into consideration all your needs and then narrow down your options to select an apt walker.

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