Top 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for 2010


Saint Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds.  Every year on Saint Valentine’s Day we all present our loved ones with flowers, chocolates, candies, gifts, and lovely Valentine cards.  Even though we are  still facing an economical downturn,  we still celebrate every holiday and enjoy giving and receiving gifts.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not saying to go crazy and buy a yacht! All I’m saying is that know how to shop and look for the best deals. This is why I have compile the top 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for this 2010.

Valentine's Day

  1. A ring – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to propose in the whole year.  If you really love her and think she is the one, than you should definitely consider surprising her with any of these sparkly 2 carat diamond rings. Then, ask her to marry you and that she is the one!
  2. Red roses – Almost everyone will give this year red roses to their sweet hearts. You can’t go wrong by sending a beautiful bouquet of red roses to your woman this Valentine’s Day! Bouquet of red roses
  3. Watches – watches for men are the  equivalence of jewelry for women. If you are not sure what to give to your husband or  boyfriend, surprise him with a nice Seiko watch. There are many different designs that you can choose from!
  4. A personalize gift – if you like to be creative then a true love photo frame will be the adequate valentine gift. I will suggest to put up a picture of you and your sweet heart inside this love photo frame. This creative gift will definitely melt her/his heart!
  5. Spa gifts – if you know that your woman enjoys pampering herself, then surprise her with a spa system. This will help her eliminate any toxins from her body and will help her feel energized!
  6. Lingerie – sexy lingerie makes women feel beautiful. If you want to surprise your wife with something special, give to your lady beautiful lingerie for this St. Valentine’s Day.  For women who want to surprise their husbands, give a pair of Valentine boxers.
  7. Wallets for men – a trifold wallet will be the appropriate gift for any man. Just like women can’t live without their purses, men can’t live without their wallets.  Since most men like to keep the same wallet for a while, it will be nice to surprise him with a new wallet this St. Valentine’s Day!Trifold wallet
  8. Fragrances – how about her or his favorite designer perfume? Buy her/him an enchanting designer perfume to wear for your special date this Valentine’s Day!
  9. Valentine’s Day chocolates – most women love chocolates, the only trick is finding the right chocolates. Buy her her favorite types of chocolates! Once, you find the brand that she loves, just pick any chocolate heart and that will do!
  10. UGG boots – these boots still are very popular among women, so why not buying her a lovely and cozy pair of UGG boots this Valentine’s Day!

I hope you find any of my top 10 gifts useful for this Valentine’s Day. Also, for more ideas visit our brand new Valentine’s Day Gifts Buying Guide!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


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