Chris Brown releases his new mixtape CD


Chris Brown is a well known R&B/Pop icon who has won numerous music awards for his talent. At the age of 16, his hit single “Run It” quickly climbed to the number one spot on the billboard charts and you could hear it on your cd listening center. The slick dance moves he showcased in his music video instantly captured the attention of soon-to-be fans. Two years later, he did it again, soaring to the top of the billboard charts with another hit single titled “Kiss Kiss”. As his music career progressed, he began to show clear signs of being one of the most promising young performers in the recording industry.

In 2009, his ‘role model’ image dramatically took a hit when he was accused of hurting his former girlfriend Rihanna. How can a wonderful night at the Grammy Awards Show, afterwards, end up like this? Perhaps a personal dispute between the two resulted in this negative outcome. This was such a huge turning point for him to realize that what he did was absolutely wrong. His endorsements were dropped, which ultimately lead to a loss of loyal fans. Despite his numerous public apologies, fans have already shifted their perception towards whether or not he’ll ever be the same “Chris Brown”.

So what is Chris Brown up to these days? As a means for trying to gain back his stardom, Chris Brown has spent a majority of his time working in the studio. His latest mixtape album titled “In My Zone” provides listeners with a glimpse of what he intends to accomplish this year. In order to achieve that industry standard sound, his producers paired him with a Shure Studio Microphone.

After all that has happened in the past year, maybe it’s time for people to forgive him. Or should they? Instead of worrying about the tabloids, Chris Brown decided to focus his energy into creating and delivering more good music. We all know that most of his songs are written towards a larger demographic of women. Ladies, if you enjoyed listening to any Chris Brown CD before, then you’ll love his latest mixtape, which was released on Valentines Day. The release date couldn’t have been better!

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