A GPS heart rate watch to match your athletic needs


A GPS heart rate watch is a boon to athletes. These watches help amateur and professional runners to track their progress. However they are sophisticated instruments designed to fulfill specific purposes. So if you want to buy a GPS heart rate watch, identify what parameters you want to track and what features you would want in the watch. Given below is a snapshot of three different Proform heart rate monitors with GPS that meet three different needs.

Polar FT60G1 heart rate monitor watch with G1 GPS sensor

This women’s watch is meant for those who want to reach and maintain a specific fitness level. It is ideal for those who go to the gym or jog to maintain their health. It has a personalized training program featuring weekly targets, feedback, and guidance. It’s G1 GPS sensor can be used for measuring speed and distance during outdoor activities. Its fitness test feature can display the calories burnt and the aerobic fitness at rest. Men can also take advantage of all these features with the men’s version of  this watch.

T5C391 Bodylink Trail Runner men’s rubber watch

As the name suggests, this watch is perfect for those who love trail running or hiking. Its heart rate monitor enables you to measure your heart rate during the activity and it also has a recovery heart rate timer. Its advanced GPS system can help you to track your direction, overall navigation, altitude, and ascent and descent rates. The watch is water resistant up to 50 m.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

This multi-sport watch is ideal for a tri-athlete as it can seamlessly track biking and running data. It has optional quick release and bike mounts. It is water resistant up to 50 meters so you can time your swim too. The watch classifies the different sporting activities in one workout and also logs the transition time in the process. The GPS system tracks your position. The optional heart rate monitor facilitates in heart rate-based calorie computation, tracking your heartbeats, and training in specific heart rate zones to improve fitness.

The above GPS heart rate watches are examples of how different watches have different purposes. So when you are buying your watch, be sure of what you want it for.

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