Gift timeless pearl earrings this Valentine’s Day


When you think of vintage jewelry, the first thing that comes to your mind is pearls. Pearls are a unique piece of jewelry. Fine, naturally occurring pearls have been highly regarded as objects of beauty for many centuries. In fact, the word pearl these ays is used as a metaphor for something very valuable and prized, like the phrase “pearl of wisdom.” Pearls are used to enhance the beauty on necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to name a few. Among all these the most common form of pearl jewelry has been the earrings. There has always been something mystical about pearl earrings which is why Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer made it the subject of his masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal in the movie of the same name represented a peasant slave girl whose true beauty shined through with the assistant of a single pearl earring. Even during the 1600s, in the Dutch Baroque period, pearls were a highly valued precious piece of jewelry.

Pearl earrings come in various colors and hues which is what makes pearls so popular. Their versatility means you can easily accessorize any type of outfit you own.  Pearl earrings make great gifts for occasions like a wedding present, a birthday a mother’s day gift etc. Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, these would make a great gift for your girlfriend, wife or significant other:

  • The Yvel pearl earrings are one of the most stylish earrings that are available in the market. It features round flat fresh water coin pearls. There are diamonds in the center of the pearls that add to the beauty of this wonderful earring. This earring is a very good option for those who are very particular about how well they are dressed.
  • The David Yurman South Sea pearl earrings are one of the classiest pearl earrings that you will find. David Yurman is one of the hottest jewelry designers around and the pearls from this particular set is from the south sea. This earring setting is made from 18K yellow gold. It has diamonds at the base of the pearl which give it a soothing look. These earrings are particularly appropriate for a formal party or other luxurious event.
  • The Oliva White Gold Pearl Earrings are the most sophisticated yet beautiful pearl earrings you would find.  The pearls on this earring have a pink shade to it. These pearls are held by an 18K white gold diamond studded link to the ear hook. These rings would also make great wedding presents.

Pearl earrings make perfect gifts for all the ladies. Buy one today and show how much you care for that special person. Are you aware that February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, is considered “Mistress’s Day” for straying hearts? If you do happen to plan to gift the other woman with a pair of pearl earrings, do not give her a gift that outshines your better half! That would be rude.

Guest Blogger: Anil

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