Top 11 beds for your little angels


Bedtime might not be your child’s favorite word, but it is never too late to change that. Today’s kids beds are designed with both their comfort and their imaginations in mind, so you can rest assured that they will sleep well, if you can get them to sleep at all. To help you win the battle of bedtime, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 kids beds sure to please both you and your little angels.

  1. Kids bunk beds One of the childhood memories that I hold nearest and dearest is that of my little brother and I talking each other to sleep in our bunk beds. Not only are bunk beds great for a little sibling bonding (unless you’re fighting for the top bunk), but they are also terrific if you are short on space in your kids’ bedroom. Rather than cramming two beds into a space, invest in a bunk bed to make more room for other furniture or toys.
  2. Kids cabin beds Another great bed option for those looking to save space is a cabin bed. A cabin bed is similar to a bunk bed in that is raised from the ground, but in the place where a bunk bed has a lower bunk, a cabin bed is instead equipped with storage space. Many cabin beds have high built-in drawers and cupboards in that space, so your child can still have the luxury of climbing a ladder to his or her bed.
  3. Kids storage beds If you need just a little extra storage space in your child’s room, take a look at storage beds. They are similar to cabin beds, but while cabin beds are raised fairly high from the ground to make room for multiple drawers and cupboards, storage beds usually only have about a foot of vertical space beneath the mattress in the form of drawers or cupboards. This space is ideal for keeping those extra pairs of jeans or shoes that just won’t fit into your child’s closet.
  4. Kids loft beds When your child shoots up a few inches and grade levels, it might be time to consider upgrading his or her bed. For the burgeoning adolescent, a loft bed is a great investment. True to its name, a loft bed is lofted, leaving a generous space beneath for work or play. Some loft beds come with a desk and drawers for that space, but the space is equally suitable for a couch and television set or for another bed.
  5. Kids car beds If you have a little future Nascar driver in your house, a car bed might help entice him or her to catch some shuteye. Car beds come in various models – from sports cars to convertibles – and themes –from Disney Pixar’s Cars to Barbie – so finding one that will please your child won’t be difficult. Just try not to be too jealous!
  6. Kids sofa beds If you are searching for a multipurpose bed, a sofa bed provides a relaxing couch for the day and flips out into a bed for nighttime. Whether your child will be using a sofa bed for his or her primary bed or you just want an extra bed for impromptu guests, a sofa bed is a convenient and space-saving option.
  7. Kids bed tents For the imaginative little one in your life, a bed tent provides both a fun play haven and a creative sleep space. A bed tent is essentially a bed with a tent built over it to cover its length. Some bed tents are quite elaborate and resemble fancy fortresses more than beds. If your child bores easily, look for a bed tent with a detachable tent so that you can convert it back into a plain ole’ bed if need be.
  8. Kids trundle beds are great for older kids who often have a friend or two over for the night. In its normal state, a trundle bed just appears to be a single bed, but in the event of an impromptu sleepover, a second bed easily pulls out from beneath.
  9. Kids canopy beds For a little extra bedroom flair, take a look at kids canopy beds. A canopy bed has four tall posts on which a canopy rests. Some canopy beds also have curtains hanging down around the sides. Not only are they a fun option for your kids, but they may also provide an extra feeling of security for your reluctant bedtime-goers. Canopy beds are suitable for both boys and girls, as they come in a range of themes.
  10. Kids futon beds Like sofa beds, futon beds are both convenient and space-saving because they provide sitting and sleeping space. Futon mattresses are segmented into three sections so that they easily fold into couch form and also come together to form a bed. Many futon beds have wheels so that they can be pulled into bed form within seconds at bedtime.
  11. Kids sleigh beds make a beautiful addition to any child’s room. They are most popular in wood or metal form, and their name comes from the resemblance of the headboard and footboard to a traditional horse-drawn sleigh (think Santa Clause’s sleigh). They are ideal for young adolescents moving up from their childhood twin size beds to larger or longer beds, though they do come in twin size if narrowness is not an issue.

- Xenia

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