Flannel-lined pants keep you deliciously warm


flannel lined pants

Flannel clothing first made its appearance in Wales during the 16th century as an all-woolen product made out of short wool. Since flannel was a very wallet friendly fabric, it began to be known as the fabric of choice for the poor. It is the presence of napped surface and somewhat loose texture which give flannel its soft cuddly feel. While woolen flannels, known as flannelette, are meant for extreme weather protection, now-a-days flannels are popular everyday wear.

Flannel is the  great fabric to mix style and functionality. For example, flannel-lined pants are popular winter attire for men and women because of their comfort and ability to provide warmth. Another great alternative are fake leather cargo pants.  Quality flannel-lined pants feature soft, yet heavy-duty cotton fabric tightly woven in their inner linings. The more tightly woven the fabric is, the more heat is trapped and the warmer the pant is. The lining also helps your pants to last longer. Moreover, because you don’t need any extra pant layers, you can enjoy a lot more freedom of movement making them invaluable as everyday work pants; ideal for construction workers, carpenters, etc.

Lastly, I would like to add that in spite of being a warm fabric, not all flannels are able to keep moisture away.  To keep moisture away, a fabric has to be porous and absorbent. This helps the moisture to evaporate quickly. If moisture can’t evaporate, damp may settle in. This will make you feel cold and uncomfortable instead of warm and dry. To manage the problem, modern flannel pants or flannel shirts are coming up with water-repellent finish or breathable cotton lining to give you all-day comfort.

Guest Blogger: Nina Ghosh Konar

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