How to choose the right high rise jeans for you


high rise jeans

Jeans, the modern wardrobe staple, is loved by everyone. They are comfortable, durable, and look great with almost anything. Modern jeans, however, also come in different rises to cater to different style tastes.  It is the distance between the waist and the crotch which determines the ‘rise’ of jeans.  In short, the rise of jeans determines how high or low the jeans will rest on your waist. While high rise jeans may fit comfortably around our waistline, low rise jeans will sit right on, or sometimes below, your hips. This generally makes low rise jeans a hit with teenagers and high rise jeans a particular favorite for grown ups.

How to select high rise jeans according to your body type?
Those who are planning to go for high rise jeans might want to keep the following points in their mind:

  • If you have shorter legs opting for regular high rise jeans will be your best choice. Regular high rise with longer hem will make you look longer by giving an illusion of slender and longer legs. Also, dark color high rise jeans are said to have greater slimming effect on the width of your legs than light jeans.
  • If you are a naturally curvy woman and want your curves to be highlighted, high rise jeans could help you there also. It would hug the narrowest part of your waist and make it look more prominent.
  • Again, women with slightly boyish frame can create the illusion of an hour-glass figure by opting for high rise jeans. For a curvier look, opt for high rise jeans which come with thick belts or waistbands.
  • For those with wider hips, selecting high-waisted jeans with larger rear pockets and smaller front pockets is probably the best choice. The large details on the back pockets are creates an illusion of narrower hips by breaking up the width of your jeans.

How to wear various styles of high rise?

High-waisted jeans are usually considered suitable as business casual attire. You can pair up your jeans with a fitted white cotton shirt and a cropped jacket for a stylish, yet professional look.

For a glamorous and trendy look for the night, try pairing up a shining see-through blouse with a metallic camisole tucked into your dark high rise.

For running errands, I could think of nothing better and practical than an attractive tank top tucked in high-waisted shorts and a pretty pair of flats. How about you?

Guest Blogger: Nina

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