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Apple iPods seem to have taken over the world. Everyone looking for a top notch music player will no doubt and most likely, buy an iPod. They have some of the best features in today’s music players. They have audio and video playback with radio support as well. They have the sleekest and sharpest looks in the market and they have a user interface that has still not been replicated in other music players. It is no wonder that the iPod has spawned an entire accessory industry that revolves around it. Audio speakers and devices that include an iPod dock have become so popular that today, a speaker system that doesn’t include a home iPod dock is considered incomplete.

The iHome iPod dock audio accessories are some of the best iPod accessories to hit electronic stores. They have edgy designs and they have excellent features. The iHome brand of iPod accessories come in two types – The home audio collection and the portable audio collection. The iHome home audio collection has powerful speakers packed into sleek and futuristic looking speakers that have excellent output and useful features that include a radio player and an alarm clock that will play your favorite songs from your iPod or iPhone. The iHome iP1 is one of their latest speakers systems. It has a transparent glass fiber body with powerful speakers that have a matte black finish and a dock with ergonomic buttons on the front. The sleek and modern design is matched by advanced construction. It has 100 watts of biamplified architecture through twin 4” twin woofers and matched 1” dome tweeters. It has an Aux input and a Component/Composite video output. It comes with a remote control that can control your playlist on your iPod or iPhone. If you’re looking for iPod portable docks, iHome has a great selection of light weight speakers that are battery powered so that you can carry them around with you anywhere. You can use them even if you are going outdoors.

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