The never-ending scarf


A year ago, I spent an amazing semester abroad in Alicante, Spain. Probably the only part that wasn’t amazing was my never-ending sinus infection. Gross, but true. I lived with a host family for my first three months in Spain, during which I came down with that sinus infection. Bless their hearts, my host mom and dad were convinced that it was caused by my lack of sock- and scarf-wearing. Every time I took a step out the door, my host mom would magically appear and ask, “¿No estás llevando calcetines o una bufanda?” (Are you not wearing socks or a scarf?) I quickly learned that I would not be able to get away with leaving the house sock-less or scarf-less.

While I doubt religious scarf-wearing would have prevented or cured my sinus infection, my six month stint in Spain left me enamored with scarves of all types. Yes, even a year later I still buy far more scarves than any human being could possibly need. My current favorite is the infinity scarf which, as its name suggests (and like my sinus infection), is never-ending. Rather than having two ends, it is one large circle of fabric. This makes it easy to style in multiple loops, which I always fail to do with my regular scarves — no matter where I tuck them, those pesky ends always stick out.

Wear an infinity scarf in two large loops, like the model in the photo above, if you’re going for quick style. If you’re just trying to stay warm, loop it multiple times around your neck (and mouth…and nose…) to keep that bitter wind out. And remember, never leave the house without a scarf!

- Xenia

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