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If black is your first choice of color, then you will never have a problem looking thin. The color you wear is one of the most important factors that make you look the way you do! If you are overweight, have gained a little in the past few days or simply want to look slimmer, then opt for a color like black. It’s one color that does not have shades! There’s no light or dark in it. It’s simply black. This is the best option I choose if I don’t want to show off the weight I gained after my baby. Whatever type of dress you wear, this idea will never let you fail!Other than the color, the type of dress matters too. Of course, dresses that are bulgy from the top and go thinner in your legs are a strict no-no for someone who wishes to look slimmer. Instead, opt for a long and slimming gown. Gowns make you look slim because they give a continuing look from the top to bottom, even if your dress is knee length. One dress that will make you look amazingly thinner is the Tadashi dress. Created by famed Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji, these gowns will make you look like an evening diva along with the slimming effect. These gowns are classy, elegant and simply irresistible — my recommendation is this great Tadashi beaded taffeta gown. Whether your dress is strapless, one shouldered or sleeveless, it’s best to keep the jewelry to the minimum.

Another slimming color is white. A color with no shades of its own, white looks elegant, neat and very pretty. If you want a strapless maxi gown for an evening party or even a day party, pair it with long earrings to create drop dead gorgeous effect. Diamond jewelry also looks great with white. Strapless maxi dresses still continue to be one of the most flattering dresses for any body type. Those who are less endowed in the bust, these dresses are the perfect choice, especially for evening wear.

Pair your dress with a great stiletto heel. Carrying an over-sized bag with make a larger frame look slimmer; however, a clutch is more preferable. Avoid dresses with horizontal lines and go for plain ones instead. V-necks are also a very good idea for making you look slim. Also, with all these, a lot of imperfections can be hidden.

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