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spring fitness

So you’ve decided that exercising more often is going to be a priority for your New Years resolution. With spring season approaching in two weeks, how much of that goal have you actually accomplished? Perhaps the hardest thing that prevents most people from taking any action is simply the lack of motivation. What works? Set a goal for yourself and have a clear purpose as to why you want to get into shape.

Whether you’re preparing for that beach-body look for the summer or simply just want to feel better, then getting your daily dosage of exercise should be your strongest motivator. Try and find an exercise activity that you might actually enjoy. If walking or running is too dull of a stretch then try sprinting instead. To spruce up your workouts, consider one of these cool gadgets to make exercising more enjoyable!

waterproof headphone system

Waterproof Headphones: Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that can shed off a few pounds of that unwanted weight. The next time you dive in the pool, bring your favorite music with you! Specifically designed as a waterproof case for your iPod shuffle, the H20 audio interval waterproof headphone system is a great way to listen to music underwater. These swimming headphones easily attach to your favorite pair of goggles to eliminate any tangled wires. The integrated control pad allows you to shuffle through tracks with ease.

heartrate monitor

Heartrate Monitor: Getting the most out of your workouts requires being able to pace your exercises. By keeping your heart rate at a certain intensity level – for a certain amount of time, you will maximize the efficiency of your training. Without proper monitoring, your heart rate can exceed the optimum levels for peak performance, which can actually be counter-productive in reaching your goals. To avoid this, consider using a Polar heartrate monitor so that you can effectively burn more fat while at the same time boost your metabolism.

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